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Jiggs Memes

Two books are in print about a family cat named Jiggs. Jiggs was born in 1927 and lived at Pigeon Point and Point Sur lighthouses located on the northern California coastline.

One of the classic stories about our hero Jiggs, stemmed from an occurrence during a family dinner at Pigeon Point Lighthouse. The Henderson’s, who were the lighthouse keepers, allowed Jiggs full run of the lighthouse, just as any family member had.

They also, usually had a boarder or two to help make ends meet, and of course not all of these boarders would have allowed a cat to be granted this privilege. One evening as everyone sat around the dinner table discussing the days happenings, Jiggs decided to grab the leg of a transient spinster boarder. Jumping from fright the boarder fell back off her chair which created quite a scene. It is said that Jiggs rated higher in the pecking order than the subject boarder, and from that night forward the boarder took her meals in her room.

No one knew the real reason Jiggs acted with such ferocity, but word has it that neither had any use for the other and our hero was retaliating because of an earlier event.

Murray Smith

Written for 4-7 year old children, both “A Lesson For Jiggs” and “Jiggs, The Beginning” are now available for purchase from BookLocker, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Use links below to purchase both books!

A Lesson For Jiggs

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Jiggs, The Beginning

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