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Jiggs Reviews

Ages 2 and older will appreciate this picture book story of Jiggs, a cat who lived in the Pigeon Point lighthouse. Lovely artistic drawings by Jonathon Wilson and hand paintings…


History of Jiggs

Our book, “Jiggs, The Beginning,” could possibly be how it all happened. More than likely, however it doesn’t bear any more similarity to the truth than does any bedtime story. We do know that Jiggs was born on April 22...

Jiggs Memes

Two books are in print about a family cat named Jiggs. Jiggs was born in 1927 and lived at Pigeon Point and Point Sur lighthouses located on the northern California…


Jiggs, The Cat

Jiggs,the cat posed with Harry Miller in the early 1930's. Jiggs, who lived until 1936, belonged to the Henderson family and had a special place in their hearts. After he…


Jiggs History

The Time: April, 1927 The Place: Pigeon Point Lighthouse, California It was common in the early days of California lighthouse history, that a lighthouse would have several cats around at…

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