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Do You Remember When?

One fateful day in May When each we went our way Unsuspecting that somewhere Cupid was planning our affair His plan confirmed that we would meet And of the apple…


A Pledge

Our lives together were seemingly eroding on a daily basis. The differences of opinion and spoken word were becoming more hurtful and spiteful and more common. The emanation of love…


MEANT TO BE (50 year anniversary)

The spark that lit our passion so long ago, became a flame that continued to glow, As was our love that was meant to be, but then unknown to you…


CJ Birthday at 73

When life has got you down, there’s still someone ‘round who will share your burden and your grief. Trust your partner he’ll bring relief. Like the Autumn leaf that clings…


A Man

A man who thinks he knows everything, is mentally impotent. A man that knows he is knows everything is at the beginning of a long journey. ms, 2020



Dwelling on things that you have not received will prevent you from being grateful for what you have been given. ms, 2020


Being Over 85

My time for repose would be normal, you would say, If day time were night, and night time were day. ms, April 2019


The Patriot

Offered we our lives back then To defend our borders, against tyranny’s forces The cost was high Many score and ten, it was back then. M Smith, USMC 1952-1954


The Early Years

My life was a whir Of passing days of fleeting nights Of passions and grief Propelling my flights Observing with my eyes And not my soul I stumbled through time…


The Climber

I challenge the climber, the seeker of goods To compare his lot with someone who would Show compassion and care as he travels life’s path To those less fortunate and…


Blessings of a Lifetime

At 88 one has had plenty of opportunities to stop and reflect on the pathway and experiences that have been taken to reach the present. Certainly, in everyone’s life’s journey…


Our Search

We spend a lifetime splitting an atom. We spend several lifetimes or an eternity analyzing the universe. We search for rules or laws of nature so we can understand the…


Is there a reason for being?

Ponder the evidence as displayed by two different individuals. Both are in their golden years and both discover they have a limited time left on earth. One becomes sullen and…



Anger. It is the fieriest of emotions. Anger is a signal that you are about to do something that is contrary to your true intentions. Anger is a signal, an…


50 Years

It has occurred to me after 50 plus years of marriage that women are an enigmatic creation. No matter how we act, react, or interact at least periodically we will…


Growing Old

Before you turn cold, There’s a walk I am told, it’s called growing old. It’s important to know, that before you go, the walk will be fraught with peril and…


The Unseen Foe

The deadly arrow from the quiver came The target was hit with exacting aim A strike to the heart by the fatal blow Succumbed he at once to his unknown…

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