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Our Search

We spend a lifetime splitting an atom. We spend several lifetimes or an eternity analyzing the universe. We search for rules or laws of nature so we can understand the physical world.

This is the result of a clouded view or imperfect vision of man. This is not our true being but stems from our belief that our material sense of man is our true being.

When our life on earth is completed, the physical remains are a pound of dust. This reduction to a lifeless material form should give us the insight that the previous bodily form was only the same matter in a different form.

Waste not your time searching to understand the makers world, but Search instead to understand your maker. Spiritual awakening is our reason for being. Understanding or becoming enlightened in the realm of the Spirit is the way to victory over death. The truth is at hand reached not from a microscope but through the power of prayer, and is revealed to the seeker in proportion to his spiritual understanding.


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