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Blessings of a Lifetime

At 88 one has had plenty of opportunities to stop and reflect on the pathway and experiences that have been taken to reach the present. Certainly, in everyone’s life’s journey there are highs and lows. During moments of reflection one easily
recalls the higher rewarding and growing occurrences and unless prompted by some force, very little time is spent dwelling on the less pleasant of life’s challenges.

Is this a balance of nature? Certainly this must be so, as chaos does not and cannot prevail for eternity. Wars end, demented rulers fail, pestilence does not endure. Life tends to cycle through turbulence to return to calm and peace.
Every occurrence in my life’s journey has brought me to the present, but my subconscious or maybe my real conciseness only chooses to recall the blessings and more fortunate circumstances of my life. All of the remaining experiences are stepping stones to my rightful place. The less desirable times were merely tests, challenges that we experience so that we can grow. Every adversity overcome leads to a greater appreciation of our rightful peaceful state of being.

We are created to prevail over evil. We don’t awaken in the morning with a desire of making poor decisions. We assertively seek and desire a tranquil and harmonious existence. Every storm, every discord, every unnatural occurrence will return to a subliminal natural state of being with prayer. This, I believe, is an immutable and natural law of creation. No different than water that seeks its own level, we are designed to seek those universal ever consistent principles. We then must see evil as an unnatural occurrence. It’s merely a disturbance to our real state of being. An illusion that we must reject as a temporary state, waiting for the return of harmony.


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