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A Pledge

Our lives together were seemingly eroding on a daily basis. The differences of opinion and spoken word were becoming more hurtful and spiteful and more common. The emanation of love for one another was ever becoming more rare. Hurt feelings and ill will were never followed by I am sorry.

Over 50 years ago, we were dedicated to each other. We represented the epitome of perfect unity. Why now, did we find ourselves embroiled in a battle of wills? Where had the tenderness and consideration gone that was so present in our earlier years? Did it take half a century to recognize we were not meant for each other? It seemed as though we could agree on nothing except our lack of concern for the other person.

Then, when the future seemed most hopeless, a revelation came. My wife was praying for a sign, anything to show her the way into the unknown future. As she was asking in prayer for help, she picked up her iPad and opened Pintrist. The very first article was written by an angel. It described how a housewife, any housewife, needs time and space from her daily chores. She needs to be shown appreciation for her dedication to husband and family. She needs relief from the daily routine of repetition. Time alone for recharge is a must and most importantly to have someone that shows concern for her well being.

She left the article conspicuously for me to read, which I did, and as I perused it, almost immediately, I saw this as how it must have been written for us alone. Everything fit like hand and glove. I immediately recognized that I had become complacent and had been directing my efforts to internal satisfaction. My work, golf, and other activities were self consuming. I had not set any time aside to provides for the needs that my wife was desperately seeking.

By time I had finished reading the article the most exhilarating and euphoric feeling had swept me into another dimension. A sense of calm enveloped my entire being. I was transported to an emotional state never before encountered. I suddenly wanted to right a thousand wrongs in a heartbeat. I felt the desire to do nothing but provide for the needs of my wife.

After conveying this to her I wrote the following lest I forget my intentions.

To My Wife Carol, “If Love is Without”

I can see that over the years I have neglected to recognize if Love is without expression it falls short of the act of loving. Loving someone is the expression of love, and letting it be known to someone they are loved. I see how important this expression is in a successful relationship. Just a simple, how was your day, or I will do this chore for you, or can I help you with anything, conveys the feeling of being loved.

I wish to reassure you that I am there for you. You are not alone. You can count on me to make life’s demands easier with the knowledge that I have your back.

Therefor I pledge the following:
I alone have the responsibility to insure your well being. I will not allow you to take on the world alone. I will buffer you from these problems. I shall not forget to give you downtime. I will provide you with shelter and comfort and a safe haven. I am your knight in shining armor. I intend to never let an opportunity slip by to make an impact on you. My thoughts will be first for your welfare and safety. I will pray for you, and show you by my actions and deeds that your daily sacrifices are appreciated. You were created in His likeness and for His glory, not mine. I will provide the un-selfed Love that comes from the Almighty. I shall provide for your daily needs, and treat you with kindness, tenderness, and loveliness.

I am ever mindful that my own pride will attempt to derail this sworn purpose. But I realize human frailty is in reality a myth and has only the power that we give it.

My decisions and actions are given freely and without exception.

Unto this vow I hereby set my hand and mind this Friday the 13th day of January 2023.

Your Husband, Murray

I am unable to explain the transformation that has occurred. A complete reversal of the tribulations we were experiencing miraculously disappeared, and in its place we have harmony, love and peace. I know that the power of prayer and the answer to our prayers must be from the forces in our consciousness. Scientists making attempts at understanding the power of the forces in nature will forever search in vain until they include the power of the forces within the spiritual realm. We intend to read this vow every morning of every day of the year. We have been truly blessed.

“Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.” (Matthew 5:6)

January 18, 2023

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